Masters Festival 2011 - 30.05.2011

The weekend of 28th-31st May saw Roger competing in no less than 16 races on the Indy and Grand Prix Circuit at Brands Hatch. Competing in a wide range of series, from Formula 1 to Formula Ford Roger enjoyed a number of fantastic results. In a car by car breakdown this is what happened:


Brands Hatch Indy Circuit:


Cloth Cap: Lotus Elite- Qualified 6th. Finished 5th (3rd in class). Sharing with Joe Twyman.


Oldies But Goldies: Gaz Volga- Qualified 5th. DNS (Engine problems). Sharing with Joe Twyman.


Champion of Brands: Van Diemen RF92- Qualified 5th. Finished 3rd.


Pre 66 Touring Cars: Mercury Cyclone- Qualified 4th. Finished 18th. Sharing with Ross Calgher.


Pre 66 Touring Cars: Mini Cooper S- Qualified 15th. Finished 15th. Sharing with Julian Bronson.


1970's Celebration Race: BMW CSL Batmobile- Qualified 5th. DNF.


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Brands Hatch GP Circuit:


Pre 66 Touring Cars: Mercury Cyclone- Qualified 5th. Finished 16th. Sharing with Ross Calgher.


Pre 66 Touring Cars: Mini Cooper S- Qualified 11th. Finished 14th. Sharing with Shaun Lynn.


Grand Prix Masters: Williams FW05- Qualified 3rd. Finished 3rd (2nd in class).


Grand Prix Masters: Lotus 92-5- Qualified 12th. DNF.


World Sports Car Masters: McLaren M1B- Qualified 5th. Race 1- 4th. Race 2- 2nd.


Sports Racing Masters: McLaren M1B- Qualified 1st. Finished 1st. Fastest Lap. Sharing with Joe Twyman.


Sports Racing Masters: Elva Mk8 BMW- Qualified 8th. Finished 14th (2nd in class). Sharing with Andrew Smith.


Gentleman Drivers: Bizzarrini 5300- Qualified 2nd. DNF. Sharing with Joe Twyman.


Interseries Revival: BMW CSL Batmobile- DNS (Engine issues).


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Williams FW05Lotus 92-5 Druids CornerM1B puts the power down out of DruidsRoger with a selection of the race carsElite leads Triumph and CobraEliteSchnitzer BMW CSL BatmobileElva Mk 8 BMWThe Engine on Lotus 92-5 lets go.Williams FW05 & FalconMini Cooper S

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