Standing Ovation For CRS After Valient Effort At Le Mans - 14.06.2011

CRS Racing’s first attempt at the Le Mans 24 Hours ended in the darkness of the Ford Chicane tonight, despite the valiant efforts of Shaun Lynn and the CRS crew to get the No.62 Ferrari back on track after an accident.


It was Shaun who started the race for the team and he had a clean run throughout his first stint before following the safety car for much of the second stint while the barriers were repaired from an accident.  Pierre Ehret then took the wheel of the No.62 Ferrari and he also had a good run, despite reporting some vibration from the tyres.  After his pit stop Pierre continued to go well but then had a quick trip across the gravel towards the end of his run so he pitted early to hand over to Roger Wills.


Roger got into the swing of the race very quickly, putting in some fast and consistent lap times. He double-stinted the tyres during his run and as the race entered into darkness he handed over to Shaun Lynn.
Shaun was building up his pace very nicely, settling in for a long run, when he turned into the left-hander of the Ford Chicane and the car spun around “like a duck on ice”!  The right rear corner of the car hit the tyre wall hard, causing a substantial amount of damage.  The CRS crew rushed down to the Ford Chicane to help Shaun.  The rules don’t permit the team to touch the car but they did all they could by shouting out instructions to Shaun to see if he could get the car back to the pits.


After a great deal of effort by Shaun and the mechanics and a lot of discussion with Race Control, the team admitted defeat and retired the Ferrari in the seventh hour of the race.


“We were just starting to really get into the rhythm of the race,” said Shaun. “The times were good and the car felt good.  I went into the Ford Chicane fast but no faster than normal and th e car just turned around.”


The CRS team were reminded of the fantastic spirit of Le Mans tonight.  At the moment they finally walked away from the stricken Ferrari an entire grandstand of fans got up and gave them a standing ovation for their efforts.


“This was my first Le Mans and it was an incredible experience,” continued Shaun. “The team has worked so hard this week and we haven’t made it easy for them.  It has been amazing and I will definitely be back to do it all again.”

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